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Arya Muhammad Nuhan

CEO, Project & Commercial

Having a geological engineering background, he worked primarily in oil& gas, coal, infrastructure and industrial construction sectors, for in land and offshore projects.

Nuhan has over 15 years of experience working in and managing multidisciplinary teams and handling interdisciplinary projects.

Irendra Radjawali

CTO, Data Scientist

Irendra is a scientist and researcher with multiple publications in international journals.

He had been invited to speak in universities and organizations across Europe, Asia and America. Regarding various topics ranging from conservation, data & network science, community and civil society.


Justin The

Chief Systems Architect

Justin oversees application of automation in all of Eidara's product.

He previously worked in Australia as programmer and software developer, whereas his responsibility includes managing IT implementation for mining operation in Africa.

Rizki Zamzami

Product and Design Director

He had over a decade of overseas professional experience. From Baltimore, USA, to Hongkong and Singapore as an architect and planner.

Rizki joined Eidara in 2020 and currently in charge for designing and developing Eidara's ecosystem of applications.

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