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Data Acquisition

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Data Analysis


Data Articulation

Variety of sensors attached to UAVs to get high precision geospatial data.
Satellite imageries to get a quick geospatial data.
Web-scrapping to get digital data off the Internet.
Interview for offline and site specific data.

EMDP aims to automate all our data analysis process.

Output of the analysis could be applied for Object classification and clustering,

quantitative analysis of geospatial data

modelling, and develop forward-looking model based on past and current data

Proper articulation process will give applicable meaning of the analyzed data for all stakeholders in the project.

Fields of application

Construction Monitoring and Project Management

Using remote sensing, digital and analog tools to get relevant site data, monitor progress overtime and minimize conflicting information between owners, contractors and workers on the ground.

Asset Monitoring

Relevant in the field of agriculture, banking and insurance, construction, oil and gas, industrial and infrastructures.

Operation Compliance Assessment

Remote Sensing as ideal tools to quickly identify operation compliance for hard to reach, remote or large operation area.

Engineering Survey, Conservation Effort and number of other potential uses

From agriculture productivity monitoring, engineering survey and forest fire prevention and environmental conservation efforts, properly articulated geospatial data plays an important role to the overall project success.

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Agriculture Drone
Construction Management
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